Requesting microdata

The access to official statistics microdata has to be applied for. For this, you must use the application form provided by the RDC. The following information is necessary for the application for access:

  • Name and address of the applying scientific institution
  • Name and contact data of all data users
  • Project description and statistical methods to be applied
  • Requested statistics and survey years
  • Requested ways of access
  • If a cooperation is planned: name of cooperating institution(s)
  • If data is to be merged: detailed description of the process

We advise researchers who make an application for access for the first time to consult the RDC staff in advance. A detailed consultation usually results in a faster processing of the request.

You can, in general, contact any RDC location for consultation. You find the correct contact person for specific questions on a given statistic on All Data after clicking on that statistic.

Please use the application form that we provide in two versions for your request for access: The request can either be filed via an online form. After sending your information, you can print the request for access for your records. Alternatively, you can download the request in PDF format. The completed document can be sent to us via postal services, fax or e-mail.

Please inform yourself about the terms of use and regulations on the analysis of microdata in the RDC and read our note on data protection for more information on the use of your data within the processing of your request for access.