User charge


User charge

The use of official German microdata is charged. The amount that is charged depends on the number of statistics used, the number of survey years, and the number of ways of data access.

The standard supply of the RDC includes all statistics that are already centralised at the time of the application. Here you find more information on the RDC’s data supply.

The page All data shows which datasets are currently part of the RDC standard supply. The following charge is set for data from the standard supply:


User charge

Standard supply
  • Per statistic,
  • survey year and
  • way of access
  • Duration of use max. 3 years


Discount for PHD students

Discounts for PHD students may be granted under certain conditions.

Discount for students

Discounts for students may be granted under certain conditions.

Depending on the resources available at the RDC, it is also possible to use statistics that are not part of the standard supply. In these cases, there is no fixed charge but the amount of the charge depends on the expense for the processing of the data (absorbed costs). Please contact us if you have an according request.

Additionally, the RDC offer certain additional services which are charges as well:

Project specific processing

Project specific processing is charged in addition to the standard charge if data from the standard supply is processed further. If several processing steps are necessary for a project, then the fee is charged multiple times.


Peer review stage

If a publications that resulted in a use of RDC data are in a peer review process or if such is planned then a peer review stage can be requested when the project ends. During this stationary stage, exclusively analyses that result from the review process may be executed.